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1. What kind of curriculum does WVCA offer?

In order to preserve the completeness and the quality of Chinese education and help teachers achieve the best results, the curriculum of the school is carefully designed.  It defines the goal of each grade, collects different teaching approaches and methods, and provides a standard to enhance the education quality.  In teaching the Chinese language, emphasis will mainly be laid on listening, speaking, reading and writing to make students to use the Chinese frequently.  A two-way translation method (English-Chinese and vice versa) is used popularly in language training to let the students better comprehend meaning of languages.

We offer two Chinese language sessions (50 minutes per session) for each level from preschool to Chinese AP for a total of 32 weeks per school year.  There are also elective classes available after regular language sessions, such as Chinese chess, arts, folk dance and Shaolin Kungfu, etc.

2. What can my child expect to learn and what resources are available if my child needs help?

Students will be taught how to speak Chinese and learn step by step how to write essays, read stories, and understand news with the help of our experienced teachers.

We (may) offer after school tutoring programs twice a week to help our students who have difficulty finishing their Chinese homework alone.  A fee will be applied to this service.  We can also recommend our experienced tutors to help your kids at home.

3. What is the cost of Admission?

For a new student, there is a $100 registration fee. Annual tuition for the 2014-15 School Year is $600 for Pre-K to Book 2 (2 hrs/week), and $700 for Book 3 to Book 9 (3 hrs/week). Additional students from the same family receive a $50 discount in tuition.

4. When does school start and what is its schedule? 

Our School Year usually starts on the first Sunday after the Labor Day long weekend. The first language session begins at 9:30 am, and the second begins at 10:30 am. There is a 10-minutes recess in between. For Book 3 and above, the third session begins at 11:30 am and ends at 12:20 pm. Please check our website for the school calendar.

5. How can I enroll?

You can contact us at (818) 381-9822 or WVCAcademy@yahoo.com to ask for information or download an application package from our website.  Fill out the forms with the correct information and mail them back with your payment.

6. Does the school offer any extracurricular activities?

Besides offering elective classes on a weekly basis, we also organize out of school cultural related field trips twice a year.  Students participate in a school wide Chinese New Year Celebration and do a cultural project as their major extracurricular activities each year.

7. Is traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese used at WVCA?

Only the text books written in simplified Chinese will be used at WVCA while some higher level classes learn to recognize Chinese characters in traditional form as well.

8. Will my child learn if we do not speak Mandarin at home?

We all understand that learning a foreign language is never an easy task for a student, especially if he/she is unable to practice at home.  Two hours per week is far from enough to manage a language that not be used frequently. However, online materials make learning possible even if you don’t speak Mandarin at home.  If you take the teacher’s instruction seriously and find proper e-materials from other media, your progress on learning is for sure.

9.  Do the teachers assign homework?

Two assignment books will come with your text book.  Basically students need to do assigned homework for 20-30 minutes every day.  It helps students review the content they learned at school and practice the characters that they need remember.

10. What is the average class size?

In lower level classes (pinyin-book 2), there are 8-10 students per class on average. In higher level classes (book 3-9), average class size is 4-6 students.

11. Can I volunteer?

WVCA is a non-profit organization and is operated under the contributed efforts of all parents/guardians.  All parents/guardians are required to support, participate and perform voluntary services. Voluntary services include, but are not limited to the following services:

Recess safety supervisor in school campus

Fundraising events

Class room-parent

Academic, cultural or other school activities

School board member

Administration staff