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School Codes

West Valley Chinese Academy Disciplinary Codes 


All WVCA students must obey the following rules:


  1. Be on time, don’t have inexcusable tardiness or leave the class early, and follow the class schedule.  You are considered tardy if you enter the classroom five minutes after the bell rings.


  1. Finish assignments and turn them in on time.  If you are excusably absent, late or need to leave school early, you need to inform your teacher in advance.  It is your responsibility to also make up your missed assignments.


  1. Be focused during class, participate actively, and do not interrupt the teaching procedure.  No chewing gum in class.  Unless given permission by the teacher, you are not allowed to leave the classroom during class hours.


  1. No running in the classroom or hallways at any time.  You shall not disrupt others with loud noises.


  1. Do not remove any equipment or supplies from the classroom that does not belong to you or erase anything on the boards left by the host school’s teacher.  Do not move or play with any computers or other electronics in the classroom.  Do not play with switches or apparatuses of any kind, especially fire alarms or extinguishers.  Do not damage the host school’s property.  If anyone damages the school’s property, he or she is required to pay for the damages.


  1. Foul language and profanity are prohibited.  No bullying, teasing, or bothering other people.


  1. No drugs, alcohol, firearms, knives, or smoking allowed on campus.  No video games or CD players on campus, either.


  1. Respect the teachers, parents and classmates.  Obey the campus duty officers.  Follow directions by teachers and parents.


  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom except water.  Do not throw food or drink containers in the classroom waste baskets.  Eat your snacks outside of the building.


  1. The teacher will give a verbal warning if a student does not follow the above regulations.  If it is a severe infraction, then a meeting will be called for with the principal.  If a student disobeys three times, the school administration will have a conference with parents.  If a student provides threats or bad influence, we reserve the right to suspend or expel the student without tuition refund.









2.按时完成作业。因故缺席, 迟到或早退, 要及早通知老师, 作业则要补交。














7.禁止携带各种危险品, 武器和毒品到校。不允许在校内使用电子游戏机和随身



8.尊重老师, 家长和同学, 听从学校管理人员, 值班家长和老师的指导, 对自己


9.除饮用水外, 不能在教室里吃东西或喝饮料, 不将食物丢置于教室内的