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PTSA Board

Parents, Teachers, and Students Association (PTSA)


President Hongying Chen
Recycle        Jeremy Netka
Chinese New Year Celebration 









(Chair) Ingrid Ye

Siew Gim Ng

Soichiro Takahashi

Jeff Share

Sylvia  Pulido

Jesse Pulido

Xiaoyan Song

Kathy Ung

Lisa Coulombel

Cyril Coulombel

Yiping Wang

Garage Sale  (Chair) Anne Netka

Jiaying Zhuo

Chunyi Yin

 99 Ranch Market  Stephanie Wong

Jonathan Wong

Recycling Jeremy Netka
Snack Sales  Anne Netka

Connie Lee

Family Gathering Potluck  Lily Xu

Tiffany Igaki

Website Jason Lan
Volunteer Committee Positions - download applicationPTSA Membership Application - download application

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