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Ms. Yuanxi Shi, "Mommy and Me" Teacher

Yuanxi Shi studied preschool education at Tianjin Normal University, and loves teaching the “Mommy and Me” class at WVCA. She loves kids, is energetic, and strongly believes in game-based learning to motivate students to learn Mandarin. Over the past six years, she has taught students between the ages of 2 and 7 at a Chinese bilingual school. In her spare time she enjoys playing the pipa, a Chinese musical instrument, and spending time with her friends.

Ms. Louise Xu, Pinyin Teacher

Louise Xu possesses a master’s degree in English and a bachelor’s degree in English, and minors in psychology and art. She has been teaching at West Valley Chinese Academy since 2010. She also works as an English lecturer at California State University, Northridge and loves teaching and working with students.

Ms. Lana Luo, Book 2B Teacher

Lana Luo is an IT engineer and researcher who has been teaching business Chinese on a part-time basis for more than six years. With boundless enthusiasm and love for kids, she has a strong desire to share Chinese culture, language and traditions.

Ms. Yong Zhao, Book 1A Teacher

Yong Zhao is a native Chinese speaker who teaches our Book 1A class. Zhao possesses several years of experience working as a Chinese teacher and math tutor in Los Angeles County in private homes and small-classroom environments. She is very organized, creative and dedicated to helping students to be successful in Chinese learning. She is very patient and always thinking of creative ways to help students learn Chinese while having fun. She was born in Shenyang and possesses a bachelor’s degree in math from the University of California, Davis.

Ms. Eva Chen, Book 1B Teacher

Eva Chen is a native Chinese speaker who studied nursing and psychology in Sichuan University in China and Dominican University of California. She possesses several years of experience teaching the Chinese language to non-native Chinese speakers before coming to the United States. She loves children and wants to integrate Chinese culture in her lessons to help the children develop their own interests. Her classroom is filled with fun and diverse language learning experiences.

Ms. Hong Liu, Book 2A Teacher

Hong Liu received her bachelor’s degree from The Music Institution of China and previously taught music at Sichuan Province Art College. She taught many different levels of Chinese classes at the William S. Hart Union School District in Santa Clarita after coming to the United States 7 years ago. She is an experienced teacher with excellent communication skills. She loves children, and is always patient with students of all ages.

Ms. Cynthia Lin, Book 3 Teacher

Cynthia Lin has more than 20 years of experience in teaching the Mandarin language and Chinese culture. She uses diverse teaching methods to increase students’ interest in learning, with the use of stimulating classroom activities, and  encouraging students to understand the language instead of just memorizing words. Ms. Lin has helped prepare many students for the SAT Chinese and AP Chinese tests – many of which obtained perfect scores.

Throughout her teaching career, she has been honored with many awards such as a  “Best Teacher Award” in 1997, “Outstanding Teacher Award” in 2003, and “SCCCS Teacher Award” in 2012.  Ms. Lin received her bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature and her graduate degree from a California State University. Her goal is to help students conquer their challenges and achieve their dreams. Ms. Lin also teaches at other schools that are designed for gifted children or accredited by the WASC, and works in the technology industry.

Ms. Lucy Lu, Book 4 Teacher

Lucy Lu has devoted nearly 20 years to teaching Chinese. She has taught Chinese at many different schools and programs, and worked with students of all ages – from as young as the age of three to individuals who are more than 60 years old. She possesses a degree in accounting but found that teaching Chinese is truly her passion and something she really enjoys. She began teaching at West Valley Chinese Academy in 2005. She wants her students to enjoy learning, and this is reflected in her teaching methodology.

Ms. Cairong Wang, Book 6 Teacher

Cairong Wang graduated from Beijing Normal University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She has dedicated herself to being an educator in China and the United States for many years. She always enjoys teaching, and spending time with students.

Ms. Hui Zhou, Book 7 Teacher

Hui Zhou possesses a doctorate degree in literature from Renmin University in China. She has been teaching Mandarin for many years, excels in integrating Chinese culture into language instruction, and enjoys helping students with life skills.