We are so pleased to share our new WVCA commercial. Special thanks to Jordi Ortega and the wonderful cast and crew who put this together. Thank you so much, everyone, for your hard work to put this together!
Please share this with your family and friends!

A note from our commercial director, Jordi Ortega:

When I learned that many parents struggle to convince their kids to go to Chinese school… “every Sunday!” I knew we had found an authentic story with the potential to alleviate a problem.

This project was a labor of love, just like the reason why responsible parents make education a priority for their children.
It took a village (in our case, the fabulous community of the West Valley Chinese Academy) to shoot this commercial.
Thank you to all, and in particular to the below cast & crew
“…because we love you.”
Zoey Zhi
Wayne Zhi
Rebecca Bao
Louise Xu, voiceover
Jeremiah Zazueta, Director of Photography
Brian Kim, additional photography
Kai Ortega-cook, 1st Assistant Director
Antonio Camberos, Assistant Editor
Min Liang and Bing Li, Producer
Gina Zacher, Production Coordinator
Danning Yu, Music
Jordi Ortega, Writer, Director & Editor
Special thanks
Temple Aliyah (location)